Starter SEO one-time package is intended for users who are not currently able to invest more in optimizing their web content. The package is designed for small and medium-sized enterprise sites in niches that have little competition for specific keywords. The strength of competing sites is determined by the number of monthly queries for certain keywords, which you want to better position yourself.

This package includes basic SEO on page settings and tools for Google, optimizing tags and internal links, signing in to Google Analytics and Webmaster tools for better site tracking. The site is technically prepared for further work on other aspects of it. This package can give some results when it comes to search if the competition is weak.

Starter SEO long-term package includes basic, continuous work on certain aspects of the site (on-page) in order to achieve a better position on the search engine.

Standard SEO packages

Standard SEO one time package represents a one-time activity on certain elements of the site in order to technically be fully prepared for further optimization work. It corresponds to all sites of small and medium enterprises that want to be ranked well for the keywords of weak and medium competitiveness. This means that this package will give some results in terms of improving the position on the search engine and compared to competitive websites, but in order to maintain this position and improve the time, it will require constant work on the site, through one of our monthly packages.

That is why there is Standard SEO long-term package that brings you continuous (daily) work on certain aspects of the website. It is intended for online presentations of small and medium businesses and involves activities on a number of elements of the site (on the page) to make the first page of the search engine reachable.

Profi SEO packages

Profi SEO one time package is aimed at small, medium and large companies in areas of strong competition. It implies a one-time activity on all aspects of the site (on and off the page) in order to rank the site as best as possible on the first page of the search engine in front of competing websites. This means that certain techniques are applied on the site itself but also on all the surrounding aspects that are not on your server and are directly related to the site – creating orders on current social networks.

Profi SEO long-term package is intended for anyone who understands the importance of SEO marketing in modern business and has decided to create a functional machine for bringing new clients and increasing earnings from their site, medium and large businesses in the field of strong competitiveness. This package implies a complete continuous work on all elements of the website (on and off page optimization) that will bring it to the best positions on the 1st page of the browser.

PROFI SEO package includes: compiling complete SEO and IM plan, optimizing all tags, new SEO content, fully optimized link network, sitemap, updating content, creating and updating accounts on all current social networks, signing in to Google’s tools and doing regular activities on creating an off-page image – participating in forums and discussions, writing press articles, writing for blogs, signing in to appropriate directories.