How To Make Your Site Organic Trough Organic Engines

How To Make Your Site Organic Trough Organic Engines

The best Google product is that when users find on your site among its results, they think “that’s it! I found what I wanted”. Let’s say they are looking for plumbers in their city, and being happy with the result Google has served, they call you and you solve their problem. Google even knows a little about that. They can follow such things, whether you were called and how satisfied customers are with your service. That is how they know if is site organic because they use organic engines.

This is because Google wants to recommend only the best results. So this article, slowly but surely, will be the first result on Google when someone tries to find “SEO site optimization” or similar searches. Because Google will eventually see that it is the best result when someone searches for that term.

Keep your site organic, so it will be the top choice through organic engines

Google is satisfied when their user is satisfied with the recommendations they give. And in order for you and your site to recommend you really need to be the best and most relevant result. Google has hundreds of criteria to determine who will be the first. This system, i.e. the criteria are called ranking signals. By giving good signals, Google then selects your site based on your ranking algorithm as the result that will show at the top.

As you are “more” in a better position in the search, Google finds you a better and more relevant result for a specific search. And that is how you end up in front of your competition, gaining more and more traffic on your website.

This is done by SEO Experts or SEO optimization agencies. They are trying to “decipher” what Google wants and how to better present your site. Nobody knows 100% exactly how the Google algorithm works because Google will not reveal everything. Not because Google’s competition will be taken away, but because, when publicly available 100% exactly what impacts the search result most, the various “webmasters” (site owners) would abuse it.

Blackhat SEO

And they do it. They are trying to deceive Google and set up a site that, according to real-signal parameters, does not deserve that position. It’s not the best result and it’s not the most relevant. He did not organically venture into the first position but artificially. Not trough optimization.

So, Google will never give out 100% of its formula, its ranking algorithm. But SEO agencies optimize one, second, third, hundredth site, and maintain these sites, monitor the parameters, monitor whether the positions are improving or not. Agencies or experts are constantly monitoring what’s happening exactly, what changes and novelties Google has published.

That is why it is important to have experts on your site, so you can be first in Google results, and stay relevant to your current and future customers, all buy following the rules Google set up.